Healthcare Services

Our company provides personalized healthcare and fitness services based on the AI Assistant platform.

Registered as a Content Vendor of Amazon Echo Platform with our Healthcare Service Skills

Our company provides various personalized healthcare contents in real time based on the user’s health condition and his or her past medical history.

Medi Plus Solution will continue to lead the technology in the healthcare field by utilizing its various healthcare algorithms.

Service Skills

We are expanding our mobile & web-based healthcare algorithm analysis technologies to AI-based technologies.

Fitness / diet program algorithm

Healthcare service algorithm for the elderly

Cardiac rehabilitation program algorithem

Post-care algorithm for chronic diseases and severe diseases

Healthcare service algorithm for pregnant women

Healthcare service algorithm for children

Healthcare Services on AI Platforms

Through strategic alliances with domestic and international AI secretary platforms, we can develop sub-platforms
for healthcare and fitness services and provide personalized healthcare content services.
  • amazon echo
  • Cortana
  • Siri
  • NUGU
  • IBM Watson
  • Google ASSISTANT
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