Automatic Motion-Sensing Algorithm

Medi Plus Solution is proud to have the world's best automatic motion-sensing technologies
that can detect the motions of the highest level of difficulty with smartbands.

Development of Motion Analysis Algorithm for Sports and Medical Applications

Our automated motion analysis technology is applied to various healthcare service analysis techniques such as fitness training, lifestyle analysis, sleep pattern analysis, and fall detection.

Value of Solution

Our automatic motion recognition technology can analyze a variety of complex motions, such as scales, free exercise and stretching,
as well as daily life analysis such as walking, sitting and sleeping.
Recognition of Weight Machine Exercise
Accurate analysis of the motions of the plane with fixed axes
Recognition of Free Weight Machine Exercise
Analysis on various motions with the axis not fixed while the direction is changed
Automatic Recognition of Stretching Exercises
Assessment on the operation ranges of the joint and the improvement of its flexibility
Noise Cancelling of Data
Improvement of the accuracy of data analysis by removing its noise before applying the pattern recognition technique through data learning
Extraction of Fake Data
Improvement of the accuracy when calculating the calorie consumption using real activity recognition algorithm
Real Sensing Data Application Algorithm
Improvement of the accuracy when calculating the amount of activity using the voltage amplification level of the actual activity meter, not a simple METS application method
Comparison with the Actual Activities
Comparison with the actual oxygen consumption(VO2 max) and heart rates through stress tests
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