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'Second Wind' is a personalized healthcare solution for your better life.
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We always care about your health improvement.

'Second Wind' is a healthcare solution developed with the best physicians and clinical professionals for your wellness.
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Service Platform

It is a smart healthcare system that connects the users, physicians & clinical professionals and caregivers.
It helps medical professionals be better informed of patients' status, provides caregivers with step-by-step medical advice.

- Consistent monitoring
- Step-by-step care guides

- Disease management
- Nutrition control
- Activity report

Medical, clinical
health care professionals.
- Statistical analysis report on the patient's status.

Main Functions

'Second Wind' is the best post-care service for chronic diseases developed with the physicians and clinical professionals
to help patients and caregivers with its guides for nutrition, exercise, medication, and smoking cessation. healthcare services for your better life.
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Disease Information Basic information about the disease since the diagnosis and instructions for each stage in recovery
Personalized Healthcare Progressive care programs designed for the patient's recovery stage including weight control, nursing guides, dietary recommendations and exercise instructions
Chronic Disease Care Continuous and personalized chronic care program to prevent any secondary disease
Online Consulting Online counseling service with specialists in nursing, nutrition and exercise
Medication, Smoking Cessation Alarm service for easy management of medication and cessation of smoking

Health Education Program

'Second Wind' has education content pool developed with physicians, clinical professionals in exercise and nutrition.
The proven education programs are available in various formats, such as text, quiz, game and webtoons, to maximize the education effects.
Consultation of a Specialist

To-do List

Second Wind also provides personalized healthcare guide generated by its data learning algorithm.
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