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You can take your personalized health information in a fun way with various gamifications.
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"Through the quiz, I can easily take the health information that I need to know."

Health Notio helps users learn the health information repeatedly with great fun.
It contains various game elements to effectively provide the users a lot of information.
While the users solve the quiz through the games, they learn various health information about their own diseases.
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Health Notio, Healthcare education in the game format

Quiz on Health, fun to learn and get healthy
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The Difficulty Level of Quiz To be Adjusted

The quiz gets gradually more difficult step by step.

Health Notio is available in three different modes - gold, silver, and bronze leagues - depending on the user’s achievement.
It is designed to draw the user's interest while she solves the quiz on each step and gets promoted to the higher level.
The user's game achievement gets converted into a score, and the user gets rewarded with coupons and points according to the overall ranking.
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