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Accurate data / comfortable fit / rich points
One and the only smart band that has it all
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  • Step tracking

    Accompanying with you when rushing to work,
    lightly walking, and intensely running,
    DOFIT band can measure all different types of steps
    of your walk, trotting, or running.

  • Calorie tracking

    DOFIT measures the exact calorie
    consumed by the user's activity and walking patterns.
    The calorie consumption is reset every midnight
    and stored securely until it is synchronized with the app.

  • Heart rate monitoring

    Even without the user paying attention,
    DOFIT regularly measures and stores the heart rates,
    which are in turn used for calorie calculation and sleep analysis.

  • Stress tracking

    DOFIT records your stress level every 10 minutes
    using your HRV (heart rate variability).
    Check out your unknowingly stacked stress level with DOFIT.

  • Sleep tracking

    Just wear a DOFIT band.
    For more than an hour of sleep,
    it tracks when you go to sleep and when you wake up,
    and it tells what your sleep quality was like.

  • Call & SMS alert

    DOFIT never misses calls
    to your smartphone or messages
    from social networks.

All you need on your wrist

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It focuses on monitoring your overall health status
by tracking heart rates, stress levels, activity rates, and sleep records.
Built-in gyro sensors
Accurate recognition of six-axis activities
Packaged in a gift box
Compact and unique package
with a gift feel
Comfortable fit
Tuned to the optimal TPU mix
and designed based on
standard body dimension survey results
for optimal fit
(its material certified
as harmless to the human body)
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  • Aiming for more accurate data analysis
    The basic algorithm for activity measurement
    and calorie consumption calculation was validated
    by researchers from Mississippi State University
    and Virginia University in the United States
    and Sports Physiology Labof Kookmin University in Korea.
  • It analyzes your sleep
    while you are asleep.
    It never stops even when you are sleeping.
    It assesses your sleep quality
    by separating your sleeping time.
    Its sleep analysis algorithm
    uses heart rate variability information
    for more precise measurements.
  • Safety is our first priority.
    Robustness and comfort
    are also considered.
    Concerns about the safety of hazardous materials have been resolved
    by obtaining RoHS certification, a guideline
    for the use of hazardous materials in electrical and electronic products.
  • Soft and comfortable fit
    The band provides a soft and comfortable fit
    with an optimal TPU mix and ergonomic design,
    and its sturdy strap prevents loss
    due to loosening of the band.
Providing more information
in a smarter way
Synchronizing with the smartphone application,
you can see a variety of healthcare information at a glance.
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    Activity tracking

    You can check the number of steps,
    the type of step, the calorie consumed
    and the heart rate on a daily basis.

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    Stress control

    The band automatically measures your stress levels
    and provides feedbacks on your stress status of the day.

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    Sleep tracking

    Don’t bother to enter the beginning and end of your sleep.
    DOFIT assesses your sleep by tracking your heart rate and activity rate and analyzes your sleeping patterns.

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    Exercise management

    Use the app and start exercising.
    DOFIT provides the personalized workout time and target heart rate along with instructions for exercising at the correct intensity.

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